DJI osmo pocket: a pocket camera stabilizer at your fingertips


Specialized websites praise Osmo Pocket as the world’s smallest stabilizer. This camera device enables DJI to compete with its competitor GoPro and its Gimbal Stabilizer, used for filming thanks to the smartphone.

With Osmo Pocket, you will be able to film your vacation, wedding or any other special event smoothly and steadily. At the end of the Osmo Pocket comes a stabilized three-axis gimbal with a photo / video module and a 1 / 2.3 ‚ÄĚsensor, counting no less than 12 Megapixels in photo mode. In video, the Osmo Pocket is capable of filming in UHD (4K) at 60 frames per second and 100 Mbps. On this device, three stabilizations exist: the Gimbal, the electronics and the image stabilization. Jpeg or RAW format is supported for the photo.

The Osmo Pocket is only 12cm tall, or approximately 4 inches, and weighs only 200 grams. The device has a one inch screen. Video recording is done on a microSD card in the slot, up to 256 Giga bytes (GB). There is no internal memory like on the Mavic Air 2.

DJI incorporates the features that made drones and previous Osmo models so successful. The new camera features ActiveTrack, which lets you determine a subject to track, with the camera doing the rest. This is a feature of the Mavic Air2. There is also the FaceTrack, which takes up this principle by applying it more specifically to face recognition. It allows you to lock a face in the center of the video, which can be very practical, especially for Selfie mode. You will also find a Timelapse or panorama mode.

On the back of the gimbal is a small one-inch touchscreen, which lets you see what the camera sees for framing, set shooting modes, view footage, and adjust settings. settings. The small camera has two built-in microphones. It is therefore possible to connect an external microphone. It will be necessary to use an adapter connected to the USBC socket, located under the foot of the camera, thus preventing any recharging by an external battery. The battery gives two hours of runtime or 140 minutes at 1080p (Full HD) with 30 frames per second.

The DJI Universal Under-Display Port allows you to connect an iPhone with a lighting connector or an Android phone with USB-C so it can function as a larger monitor. Thanks to DJI Mimo, new features exclusive to Osmo Pocket will be revealed to its user.

The first is Story Mode. It includes ten models, but it is not just a video editor: it will control the movement of the camera to obtain the required shots.

There is also the Pro mode, which is the feature film mode. It allows you to control camera settings such as exposure, and take pictures in low light and get excellent renderings. Note that Osmo Pocket does not have a WiFi connection by default, but there is an optional WiFi module to control the camera remotely. Osmo Pocket accessories are as follows: charging case, wireless module, pole, waterproof case, accessory holder, ND filters, control wheel, 3.5mm jack adapter, a simple case and a quick release base .