Samsung’s wireless power bank today costs no more than a movie theater


Very practical for recharging your smartphone (in wired or wireless mode) and easy to carry, the Samsung external battery is practical to have on a daily basis if you do not have access to a socket all the time. It is not the best of external batteries, but its low price nowadays everyone agrees.

Why choose this external battery?

  • Its format is compact and easy to transport
  • Its compatibility with Qi wireless charging
  • Fast Charge (10W) for Samsung devices

A battery that accompanies you on a daily basis

No bigger than a smartphone, Samsung’s wireless external battery jig is compact, making it easy to carry on the go. In addition, Samsung offers a sober battery with a silver aluminum coating. As for its capacity, if you had any doubts because of its format, don’t worry, because it has a 10,000 mAh accumulator. This allows a standard smartphone to be fully charged twice. You will be able to play video games or watch series on your phone on public transport without having to think about your autonomy.

With fast and wireless charging

When we take a closer look at the Samsung battery, we see a circle in the middle. This is an induction base that will allow wireless charging with compatible devices, in other words Qi certified. To charge your smartphone, your connected watch or even your compatible wireless headphones, simply place them on the front of the accessory. If you have a Samsung device, the charge goes up to 10W thanks to the proprietary Fast Charge format. For other devices, you will have to be content with a 5 W charge.

Finally, you will find on this battery a USB-A port to charge a second device while using wireless charging. A USB-C port is also present for recharging the battery itself, not to mention the cable to connect it. On the other hand, there is no power supply supplied, you will have to use that of your smartphone, or others.