Top 10 Best External Battery For Iphone 2021


Difficult to make a choice for your new External Battery For Iphone? We have written this special Iphone External Battery buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions … As in all our buying guides , we have done our best to help you to choose the best External Battery For Iphone!

Buyer’s guide external battery for iphone

Today, the Smartphone has become an essential communication tool in everyone’s daily life. Are you often on the move? If you are a fan of Apple products, consider getting an iPhone external battery. With the number of ever more efficient accessories available on the market, choosing the best charging solution is not always easy. Capacity, weight or connectors, several factors must be studied to set up a credible comparison. This will allow you to define the perfect type of external USB battery for your iPhone.

Why equip yourself with an external battery?

The first and most obvious advantage is that it allows you to charge your iPhone anywhere and anytime without having to plug it into an AC charger. Also known as a portable battery or portable charger, this high-tech device is available in different sizes. The compact versions will accompany you everywhere without cluttering your luggage. They are particularly useful in the event of a power failure.

Ergonomic, larger external smartphone batteries are easy to use and have good capacity . Indeed, it is possible to recharge your Smartphones several times (at the rate of two hours on average for a full recharge) before your Power Bank is completely empty. In addition, all you need to do is plug them into a power outlet overnight to fully charge them. If you are going on a trip, make sure you always have an AC adapter with you to charge the USB battery with peace of mind, regardless of the type of outlet.

The different types of USB batteries

This technological gem comes in three main categories.

The pocket external battery

It is a light ( around 120 grams ) and compact model with dimensions comparable to those of a credit card case or a tube of lipstick. This mini battery that fits easily in a pocket is enough to charge your iPhone once .

The intermediate battery

Displaying an average power, it is more or less light ( about 300 grams ). This type of backup battery, as big as a glasses case, can easily slip into your bag. It can charge both your iPhone and your tablet for a few days .

The ultra powerful battery

With a significant weight ( about 500 grams ), this battery is perfect for your long trips. It has a large capacity ( up to 25,000 mAh ) allowing you to recharge your iPhone several times . You can also use it on your other electronic devices such as your laptop, touch pad, Samsung Galaxy, iPad Air or Nintendo Switch. It has the same dimensions as a portable mini hard drive.

The selection criteria

Many models of iPhone compatible USB external batteries are available in the market. The most prestigious brands such as RAVPower, TeckNet or Anker compete in ingenuity to carve out the lion’s share. To choose the best portable battery, find below the criteria to consider.

Battery capacity

Expressed in mAh, the capacity is an important parameter, because it makes it possible to evaluate the number of charges that the auxiliary battery is able to offer. This data is also sufficient to have an idea of the recharging time to be expected. While the pocket model has an average capacity of 3000 mAh , ultra-powerful batteries can reach 25,000 mAh . The higher the value, the more the number of charges increases.

The dimensions

As you know, the larger the size of the portable external battery, the heavier it weighs. So the choice depends on the intended use. To have an emergency charger close at hand that you will use during the day or in the evening, opt for a pocket model. For your long trips or camping vacation, for example, turn to ultra powerful external backup batteries. In addition, these are often equipped with a torch, practical during your campfire evenings. To avoid any risk of battery failure , they are able to support multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

The connectors

This setting is essential to ensure that the battery is compatible with your iPhone. It also affects the charging time. The USB A connector is the basic model. Its reloading speed is slower compared to other types of USB connectors. In addition, it delivers an intensity of around 2 A, against a voltage of around 5 V.

If your iPhone has a USB C input port , it is recommended that you use the same type of charging cable for optimal charging. It is possible to connect two smartphones at the same time, knowing that the recharging time will be longer. More practical, the lightning cable, an Apple product, allows you to be free from interference problems.

Another important point, make sure that the type of input and output port of the battery and your iPhone is compatible (micro USB port or other).

The proposed functions

Some models offer so-called “ smart ” functions for fast charging. The RAVPower brand, for example, offers iSmart technology which allows you to adjust the intensity and voltage delivered according to the needs of your iPhone.